The Fundamentals

New to the online business game? New to the social media game? We've got you! Here is our active list of fundamental tools you will NEED in order to get started and hit the road running at full speed.

Website and Sales Funnel Builder

ClickFunnels is Dakota’s go to website and sales funnel builder for all his clients and entrepreneurs

Easy to use client calendar scheduling

Dakota prefers Calendly because it allows him to schedule meetings without the hassle of back-and-forth emails.

Best Email Marketing Software Available

We currently use Constant Contact for all our email marketing needs. Constant Contact is the MOST powerful all-in-one solution for marketers and sales teams that automates not just email marketing, but everything from social media, landing pages, sales emails to lead scoring.

Grow Your YouTube Channel Faster!

TubeBuddy is a browser extension that lets you get more views and increase subscribers by providing you with tools that help you optimize your content in the fastest time possible

Graphic Design Platform

Canva is am affordable graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content. They offer a web based option and a mobile app.

Working Capital

All-In-One Financial Solution: Dak recommends Sellers Funding for new clients and businesses that are in need of working capital. They’re an all-in-one financial solution platform

Transform your group into high powered revenue generating machine

Groupit is a powerful and fully tailorable Reconciliation and Data-Matching software application that efficiently automates even the most complex of business processes. Users also benefit from a dedicated UK-based support team who are on-hand to offer friendly and professional advice.

Create High Converting Checkout Pages

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Help you build landing pages and sales pages easily

We now use Leadpages to build most of our landing pages due to the features that help optimize our pages for conversion. Leadpages makes it so easy to build our opt-in pages, sales pages, and everything in between.

Discover new music to supercharge your content

Soundtracking with Epidemic Sound means that your content will be safe from copyright claims, anywhere you use it. Subscribe for unlimited access to high-quality music and sound effects for videos, streams and podcasts. All rights included.

Repurpose House

Repurpose House turns every type of content whether audio or video into multiple content pieces of various dimensions so you can explode your socials without doubling your work. Use my code, DAKROUTH to get 10% off your sign up fee with Repurpose House for any plan you choose.

Fiverr is online marketplace for freelance services

Fiverr is an excellent business solution designed for you to connect to freelancers with proven experience.

World's First Social Media Channel Marketing Platform

Social Rehab is a game changer. Pull all your social channels into one, optimize them, respond to likes, comments, DM’s and more. Monitor your competitors and run every report you can think of. Our favorite feature is your Social Rehab will tell you what type of post, length of caption, hashtags and image vs video is performing the best and what time each day is best to post it.

Bandit Brands & Marketing

Bandit Brands is the agency responsible for Dak’s entire brand. If you’re wanting to be a 6 to 7 figure entrepreneur who desires to improve your online presence, then you should check out Bandit Brands. Book a call with Bandit Brands and let them know Dak sent you!

Plug & Play Sales Funnel Template

I’ve tried a hundred funnels, some worked ok, some worked well, and some didn’t work at all. These funnels are the top producing funnels I’ve used on clients and I’s campaign. I complied them all in one package ready to go for you. Just swap out the logo and the brand names and you’re off and running.

Opt-In Email Capture Widget

Opt-In Contact Widget that opens the visitors email app on their phone, composes an email to be sent directly to you, with subject and content prefilled out, and allows your contacts to be added to your marketing list. Since they sent the email to you, when you respond or send an email to them, you will go to their primary inbox EVERY single time. Open Rates are the highest in the industry.

Wise - Transfer Money Abroad Easily and Quickly

Instead of using PayPal (which has ridiculous fees!), Dak’s entire team uses Wise to pay contractors, wire money internationally, receive money, and so much more. Wise has been a game changer in how our business transfers money and we have saved hundreds and thousands in fees alone!

Marketing & CRM Software

Dakota loves to use Thryv because it’s a cloud-based marketing and CRM software solution, Thryv helps Dakota and his clients manage interactions with clients, run marketing campaigns with email marketing and manage activities on most social media platforms.

Screen Recording

Dak loves to bounce between Loom & telestream to record his screen for his YouTube channel!

Centralized Emails

Instead of having multiple inboxes and emails that get lost, Helpscout allows our team to transfer emails to the right team member easily, and helps us keep track of all our support tickets so none of our students and audience members feel left behind. Receive a $50 credit when you use Dak’s link exclusively.

Create High Converting Checkout Pages

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Screen Recording

Dak loves to switch between Loom and Screenflow to record his screen for his YouTube channel!

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