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Husband and wife entrepreneur team. Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur, coach, or a content creator venturing into the online space for the very first time.

Over the years both Kristina and I have tried a hundred different types of software, products, services, you name it. A large portion of them don’t work, and I wish I had someone along the way to tell me what worked best. It would have saved me tons of time, and several thousands of dollars.

We will never recommend something we don’t have personal experience with in our journey through entrepreneurship. Meaning if we recommend it, then it means we currently also use it. A handful of the recommended items we no longer use, simply because we’ve out grown them. We left those items listed because they’re super helpful during our growth. So, let us save you the guesswork and share with you some of our all-time favorite secret weapons that we guarantee will fast-track your success.

Being a husband and wife team during our journey as entrepreneurs has been a big blessing. We did this together, and we’ll continue to do it together.

Ink Beauty


I’m Kristina Routh, and I’m a cosmetologist, eyelash artist, permanent makeup artist, microblading technician, and a skin therapist. I started my career in beauty in 1999, and it has been nothing but amazing ever since.

The beauty industry has evolved many times over since I first began, and staying educated on the newest trends, and styles is the highest of my priorities. Otherwise, you’ll get left behind in this ever-evolving marketplace.

The Bandit


I’m Dakota Routh, and I’m an author, a marketer, a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Bandit Brands & Marketing, a trending digital internet marketing agency which focuses on helping brands better connect and engage with today’s search engine and social media followers.

I have three books on Amazon. Instead of paying your hard earned money to buy them, I’m giving you a FREE copy of my most popular one. The Social Media Game

Kristina & Dakota Are The Creators Of Social Rehab™​

The New Email Opt-in Software, Inbox Bandit™

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Helping small to medium sized businesses, content creators, coaches and people who trying to escape the 9-5 paycheck chase and want to build a business empire they can be proud of. One they never need to escape from that provides for their families and the generations following them.

In 2010, we were interviewed and featured by Google for our efficient and innovative results with digital and social media marketing. Google recognized our effective marketing strategy as the top representation of over $72M in revenue generated from Idaho businesses.